Natural Hair Care Tips for People With Wavy Hair

Natural Hair Care Tips for People With Wavy Hair

Doing colour corrections on your hair

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If you are bored of your colour and want to try something new, it can often be a multi-staged process to get to the colour that you want, particularly if you have already coloured your hair. To get an idea of what is involved keep reading. 

Taking blondes darker

One of the relatively easiest hair colour transitions is for a bleach blonde to dye their hair to another colour. If your hair is extremely light, it will be eager and able to soak in any colour applied. However many bleach blondes find that the process of dying their hair to a very light colour has left their hair in a poor condition and it is very prone to breaking with further dying processes. Taking several steps to dye the bleached hair can minimise the damage. Salon grade products are moisturising and can help to manage the dryness and breakage of the hair. 

Stripping out reds

Vivid colours with a red tone (such as reds, oranges, pinks, and purples) can be very hard as the red tones are particular hard to remove. Often a hairdresser in this situation will use a multi stage process where they bleach the hair to strip out the darker pigments and then neutralise any remaining red tones with a cooler blue or green toner. This process can be tricky to optimise so needs to be carefully observed as the bleach and toner work, to ensure that the hair does not become over processed in the treatment process but also that the colour is neutralised appropriately and doesn't retain red tones. 

Taking darker colours lighter

Lifting the hair colour by more than 2–3 shades can also be a challenging process, particularly if the hair is already dyed, permanently straightened/relaxed, or permed. In these sorts of situations, it can often be easier to make the change gradually by applying highlights over several stages so that the hair is gradually lightened to the desired colour and tone. Often when the hair is lightened, unexpected tones can come up, including the green/blues with hair the has previously been died black, or oranges in warmer brown tones. A toner can be applied to adjust the tone as required, using the colours on the opposite side of the colour wheel (such as yellows for purples and reds for greens).

Colour correction can be a complex process. It's best to get a professional hairdresser to help you with this process, rather than attempting a DIY effort given the potential to end up with an undesired colour.   


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Natural Hair Care Tips for People With Wavy Hair

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