Natural Hair Care Tips for People With Wavy Hair

Natural Hair Care Tips for People With Wavy Hair

Don't Lose Your Head! Three Ways to Deal with Male Hair Loss

David Snyder

Hair loss can be troubling, particularly if it occurs early in life. You might lose confidence in your appearance or simply miss the look and feel of your hair. There are a few ways to deal with male hair loss. Regrowth treatments can sometimes be effective and are available in the form of either tablets or lotion. If regrowth isn't successful, then a special type of tattooing or a realistic wig can recreate the appearance of your natural hair.

Applying hair regrowth treatment

Finasteride is a prescription-only medication that can be prescribed by your doctor. It comes in the form of a tablet and works by preventing testosterone from being converted into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which is known to cause hair follicles to shrink. This medication has been shown to stop or reverse hair loss caused by male pattern baldness, so you could see some dramatic effects. You'll need to take the medication daily for three to six months before you see results, so be patient — change may not happen overnight.

Minoxidil is a lotion which is rubbed on the scalp daily and has been shown to reduce hair loss. It's not known exactly how this treatment works, but it's believed to increase the blood flow to hair follicles, encouraging growth. There is a risk of your scalp feeling itchy or dry after application, but using lower concentration forms of the product makes this less likely. The lotion is available without prescription, so it's perfect if you want to give some milder treatment options a try before going to your doctor.

Tattooing to recreate short hair

The process of tattooing to recreate the appearance of hair is known as dermatography. It's commonly used in the area where the eyebrows would be and creates a realistic looking brow, helping to direct attention away from your hair loss. A special micro-pigmentation will be implanted below the surface of the skin and is shaped to look as natural as possible — not like you're wearing dark make-up. This treatment can also be used to re-create the appearance of very short hair on the scalp if desired. A topical anaesthetic will be used during treatment, so you won't experience much pain. The area may be sore for a few days after treatment, but will soon heal.

Purchasing wigs

If your hair loss isn't responding well to treatment, then purchasing wigs is an excellent way to enjoy a full head of hair again. Acrylic wigs are the cheapest option, but can feel hot and uncomfortable. Wigs made from human hair are the best for everyday use and can be styled in exactly the same way as your natural hair, using as much heat and product as you wish. Ask your doctor about wigs, as you may be eligible for a reduced cost product.


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