Natural Hair Care Tips for People With Wavy Hair

Natural Hair Care Tips for People With Wavy Hair

Beauty Spas: Decoding the Different Types of Facials

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Smooth and clear skin are the hallmarks of healthy skin. Thus, it is not surprising that a significant amount of people will seek to make their skin glowing and radiant to retain their youthful appearance. However, the process of ageing comes with a number of drawbacks including sagging skin, dull skin, dryness and more, which could significantly affect your overall appearance. This is why facial skin treatments remain popular as they provide you with a non-invasive way of improving the health of your skin and appearance, without having to go under the knife. Nevertheless, with the assortment of options when contemplating facials, you may become confused on what to select at your local beauty spa. Here is a simple guide to help you in decoding the different types of facials you could consider.

Acne facials

As the name implies, these facials are specifically designed to target troublesome skin that is prone to outbreaks. It can be administered to teens and adults alike. Once the skin is cleansed, your beauty therapist will exfoliate your skin with glycolic acid. This is then followed by deep pore extractions to eliminate dirt from the pores in your skin. The facial treatment is then concluded with an anti-bacterial masque to eliminate any bacteria that could be lingering in your pores. For best results, it is recommended to have your acne facial on a routine basis until your skin completely clears out.

AHA facials

AHA stands for Alpha Hydroxyl Acid. It is a chemical that is derived from flowers and fruits that are known for is anti-ageing properties. AHA facials function to make your skin look more supple and softer, which in turn makes your skin look more youthful. These types of facials are also recommended for individuals who have heavily pigmented skin as regular facials can help in evening out your skin tone. Once the skin absorbs the AHA, it tightens the skin pores, which enhances the texture of your skin. AZHA facials are also great if you are looking to combat premature wrinkling of your skin.

Anti-ageing facials

If you are older and would prefer intensive treatment to combat the signs of ageing, then you should consider anti-ageing facials. The formulation in these facials tends to be more advanced than your run of the mill AHA facial as it is supposed to provide you with treatment that is more intensive. Some of the ingredients contained in anti-ageing facials include vitamin C, beta hydroxyl acid, alpha hydroxyl acid and more. This facial will promote the production of collagen in your skin, which greatly diminish the appearance of wrinkling.


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Natural Hair Care Tips for People With Wavy Hair

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